Hoofing Marvellous is dedicated to Barefoot & Natural Horse Care.  There are 5 qualified HM Trimmers covering most of the South West of the UK. To see if HM have a trimmer near you click here. If you would like to find out about training to become a Barefoot Trimmer with HM then click here.

If you are further away in the UK or elsewhere in the world and need a trimmer, go to the AANHCP International Practitioner page to locate a trimmer nearer to you.

Hoofing Marvellous also put on many lectures and workshops. We currently offer 3 cadaver trimming workshops Part 1, 2 & 3 for owners and equine professionals. Just contact us for more details.

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Liberated Horsemanshiphttp://www.liberatedhorsemanship.com/Liberated_Horsemanship_Home.htmlTraining.htmlshapeimage_17_link_0

HM offer trimming, transitioning and booting as well as nutritional & management advice.

HM Trimmers cover all of Cornwall, Devon, Somerset, Dorset, Wiltshire, Gloucestershire & Hampshire. To find out more about our HM Trimmers click here.

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