Hoofing Marvellous work closely with Hoof Boot wholesalers and can advise and fit a wide range of the most popular hoof boots on the market. Boots range in price from £110 to £180 per pair depending on the type of boot. Not all horses fit all boots, that’s why Hoof Boot Manufacturers have developed a range of boots to accommodate each foot shape - whether it be long and narrow, or wide and short or somewhere in between.

We predict that in the next 15 years we will see a huge shift away from shoeing in favour of Barefoot and Booted horses. Horses are already winning competitions at high levels in barefoot and in boots. We encourage all owners who are thinking of transitioning to buy boots in order to keep your horse as comfortable as possible. Your horse will let you know when they don’t need them anymore!

The booting revolution started some years ago but it has really only been in the last decade that it started to truly take off. No longer do horses need to ‘suffer soreness’ when transitioning and no longer do chronic founder cases need to teeter around their paddocks without protection while their hooves recover.

As soon as a horse is sound on a surface then it doesn’t need boots. However if you are intending on long distance riding then we would encourage you to put boots on your horse to protect them from unnatural wear.

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