So let us set the scene....your horse appears not to be doing so well, perhaps losing a bit of weight, losing it’s ‘topline’, it’s feet are flakey and it has holes in it’s white line....what do you do before you call the vets and spend lots of go and buy a different (probably more expensive) equine bagged compound food, perhaps one or two different bags and you scan the equine aisle for that latest magical supplement!! After all, nowadays, we have bags of food for our elderly equines, our youngsters, our ‘good doers’, our ‘poor doers’, our hard workers and of course our name it and the feed companies will probably supply it - why?

Because we will buy it!!

It is now estimated that over 75% of all domestic equines are now owned for pleasure purposes and the vast majority of those 75% are owned by women - the shoppers of the universe!! We love a bargain, a voucher for the latest supplement, a feed company salesman telling us how scientifically proven their latest bagged compound feed is. Over 250,000 tonnes of compound feeds are now sold annually in the UK alone and that number is growing fast! Our equines are therefore subjected to anti mould inhibitors, preservatives, colourful grains and peas.....and the biggest dread of all - Molasses!

Incredible as it may sound, some feed companies, lick and supplement providers still do not list ALL the ingredients that are in their foods. Instead they encourage you to ring their ‘nutritional helplines’ where you will find someone who will tell you exactly what your horse should be eating.....and there’s the crunch! Even us as NH Practitioners do not have all the answers. No-one has performed enough extensive research in to the diet of our wild equines to fully understand the horse’s dietary requirements!

So NH Practitioners will tell you to go back to basics. Take away all the harmful feeds and find a good mixed meadow hay, low or no rye grass, and give your horse as much of it as it will eat!! Oh and then there is the grass and then the turnout......


Back to basics nutrition

Get to grips with feeding the bacteria not

the horse!

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