As Natural Hoofcare Practitioners we are often the ‘last resort’ for many horse owners who have tried and failed with traditional methods. We hear time and time again that horses diagnosed with Laminitis - in fact most hoof pathologies - should be shut up in a stable on a deep bed with little or no movement. Drugged and often sedated they are then fed a myriad of unsuitable feeds at predetermined feeding times - a human need not a horse one - or starved because they are too fat! It is common for horses to spend anything from 6 months up to a year confined to stables and eventually when the horses either don’t fully recover or slip back into their previous problems horse owners come to us......or worse, they don’t find out about us until it’s too late.

An awful lot of hoof pathologies are as a result of Laminitis - or Supercoriaritis as it should be termed - as it is a whole hoof problem not just in the laminae. White line disease, seedy toe, abscesses, gravels, thin soles, underrun heels, collapsed heels, sheared heels, frogs and white lines reeking of name just a few. All of these problems can be helped and most often completely cured quite simply by following the simple 3 keys to success - regular trimming - diet - management.

Navicular syndrome, caudal foot pain (back of the foot), it can be argued is brought about by imbalanced horses and unnatural riding with unbalanced riders. Horses who are suffering biomechanically will automatically change their gate to compensate for the problems in their body - the gait shapes the foot - not the other way around. That is why many ‘navicular horses’ will have a high/low presentation with their front feet - one foot more splayed, the other one more upright or clubbed. This is a result of biomechanical disadvantage in the horse not because the horse just has odd feet!

On this page we have put a slideshow of horses hooves on our first visit, all with various hoof pathologies - see if you can spot the subclinical signs of Laminitis.

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