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Kim is a qualified Natural Hoofcare Practitioner with LH and covers the whole of Cornwall and parts of Devon.

“I have always been passionate about horses and have been lucky enough to own horses for over 25 years.  I have always been interested in handling and managing my horses in the most natural way possible in our modern world.  I was determined to keep my young horse barefoot and Lindsay Setchell, already a good friend, came regularly to trim her feet.

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Kim Areas covered

North Cornwall, Devon

Kim Taylor


After years of veterinary treatment and remedial farriery my lovely mare was still lame and I finally decided to have her shoes removed and with the help and support of Lindsay she was transitioned.  Today, although her hooves are not the prettiest, she is now a sound and happy horse.  I became fascinated in barefoot trimming and the management of barefoot horses and decided to train as a barefoot trimmer.  After training in Europe, America and spending many hours out and about with Lindsay I am now a certified LH trimmer and a member of the Hoofing Marvellous Team and starting my own client list in North Cornwall and North Devon.”

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