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Laminitis - say that word and it conjures up fear and dread for most horse owners - for Hoofing Marvellous, it’s a word which expresses utter frustration, because it’s a fairly simple fix. It’s a word which, if we followed a few simple guidelines, we may hardly ever hear uttered again. When I turn to a new client and tell them their horse is a chronic laminitic, you can see the horror and disbelief on their faces. The sad fact is that many of the horses I see have endured bouts of laminitic stress, which have played havoc with the internal structures of their hooves - and bodies as well. Thankfully we are armed (I say we as in the AANHCP) with ways of making these horses better - but only with owner co-operation.  As Natural Hoofcare Practitioners, we recognise a poorly hoof at a glance and we know what to do to make it right....but we are not magicians! We can trim away the devastation which has been occurring in the hoof but if the owner doesn’t work with us to change the diet and the management (which is very simple generally...) then we cannot help heal the hoof. Thankfully nearly all of my clients understand and try their best to keep the dreaded ‘L’ word at bay....but it is a sneaky beast and it can happen at any time of the year. A client once said ‘but what about Dr Green?’ - a very old fashioned statement suggesting that green grass was the ‘cure all’ because it puts weight on your poor doer. Dr Green is a nonsense. So, reduce the grass and increase the exercise - don’t lock your horse up for too long, they need to move - that’s why tracks are so successful - but if you can’t track maybe a muzzle - there are ways of stopping the dreaded Laminitis, if we work together. Learn to recognise the subclinical signs of laminitis and don’t be fobbed off with ‘oh that’s just normal’ remarks....get the knowledge, become informed!

The effects of laminitis

‘splayed’ laminitic hooves

Hoof cracks are a symptom

classic lamellar wedge

the tell tale rings of chronic founder

A must read..... ‘Founder - Prevention & Cure the Natural Way’ by Jaime Jackson

Warning signs to look for....

  1. horizontal rings on the hoof wall

  2. red bruising on the walls/soles

  3. redness in the white line

  4. footy over uneven surfaces

  5. very thrushy frogs

  6. abscesses

  7. cresty neck

If your horse has one or more of these signs then reassess the horse’s diet

The dreaded Laminitis in full swing!

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