How do you keep your horses entertained, moving, not eating grass yet eating lots of hay? How do you stimulate them mentally and physically and create sound hooves, body and soul? Set up your own track system that’s how.

The modern day domestic horse is subjected to many unnatural management practices. Stabling, horse walkers, starvation paddocks, tethering, strip grazing, access to far too much grass. All of these elements are the reason our horses need shoes as a crutch and are crippled without them. The world is changing and thankfully, gradually for the better. Livery yards and farms, once they understand the amazing benefits of track systems will fall in line too.

Horses need 24/7, 365 day movement. Not kept in stables for hours on end, being over rugged, being clipped and being shod. In the wild, horses will move anything up to 20-30km a day in search of food, water and shelter. They move in herds and they look out for each other. Domestic horses are NO different. They need equine company for their own mental self being, not solitary confinement. In some countries of the world keeping horses on their own has already become illegal. They are herd animals and they need herd behaviour.

Ask any one of our clients about how putting their horses on track systems has changed their lives - and they’ll shout it from the roof tops! Not only does it succeed in reducing the grass and therefore the associated hoof and health issues that go with it, but it provides mental and physical daily stimulation, emulating as far as possible the natural lifestyles of true wild equines. People who tell you that grass is ok but you just have to watch it in spring and summer are encouraging you to play Russian Roulette with your horses lives, quite literally. Cushing's Disease, Equine Metabolic Disorder, Insulin Resistance, chronic Laminitis, Navicular Syndrome are all modern day realities for our domestic horses - unnecessarily so.

Buy Paddock Paradise on the Amazon - also just type it into You Tube or google and see the hundreds of examples


Create your own Paddock Paradise

Less grass, more hay, more movement, less boredom!

Track systems are not just the luxury of horse owners with their own land. Many of our clients at livery and on rented land have spoken to their landlords and expressed the benefits of track systems and have successfully set up their own.

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