Natural Hoofcare principles are based upon one of Mother Nature’s finest creations....the Wild Hoof.  Sadly in our modern domestic horses it is in fact difficult to find a horse with hooves which are as healthy as their wild counterparts. Equus Cabullus - the modern horse - has not changed for millions of years and the domestic horse we see today is that same equine, their digestive systems, biomechanics, in fact the whole horse, other than specific breed characteristics, are no different to the horses in the wild. The problem our domestic horses face..... domesticity....and the resulting pathologies that come with it.

Natural Hoofcare Practitioners around the world have long recognised the damaging and potential fatal consequences of unnatural diets, unnatural management and unnatural hoofcare. The world has an epidemic of hoof pathologies, one of the most major being laminitis.....would it surprise you to know that it is estimated that over 95% of all domestic equines show sub clinical signs of laminitis?

As NH Practitioners we are not magicians waving a magic rasp....but when owners work with us and listen to our advise barefoot becomes a reality and a success.

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Before Natural Hoofcare

Only 6 months later

Before Natural Hoofcare

Only 6 months later

There is a lot of confusion amongst the equine professional world as to the best way to trim, rehabilitate and treat our domestic equines. Research over the last decade has discovered the main causes of most hoof pathologies and an enormous proportion are due to laminitis. Coupled with this research, NH Practitioners have vast field knowledge and an immensely successful track record and because of this the equine world will gradually begin to change, moving away from shoeing and detrimental horse care practices to a more understanding, natural lifestyle for the horse.

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