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Rachel is a qualified Natural Hoofcare Practitioner with LH and covers South Devon and South East Cornwall.

“I’ve always loved horses but wasn't lucky enough to have my own until I was 20. My horse had been on and off lame for a long time. His lameness was an apparent mystery so he was sent to an equine hospital for various tests, X-rays & nerve blocks, only to come to the conclusion he had a foot imbalance!

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South Devon & South East Cornwall

Rachel Briffa


The rest is history really. I spent every spare minute with Lindsay travelling all over Cornwall and South Devon learning all I could about natural hoofcare before I finally managed to travel to Spain to train with Liberated Horsemanship in 2014 and qualified as a trimmer in October 2015.”

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I had in the meantime bought myself a young horse and was determined to keep him barefoot and I had trimmed him myself up until the point I called in Lindsay from HM to help with my lame old boy who was still in shoes. Impressed with my practical ability and the fact I already had a full trimming kit bag of tools we joked that I should become a qualified barefoot trimmer!