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Sophie is a qualified Natural Hoofcare Practitioner with the AANHCP and covers the South West of Cornwall, South Wales and Herefordshire.

“Growing up around horses and coming from a traditional equestrian background, I never questioned anything that I'd been taught. That was until 2004, whilst out on a ranch in Canada, I discovered Natural Horsemanship. I was amazed at the communication they had with the horses and knew I had to learn more about this!

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Sophie Areas covered

Cornwall, South Wales, herefordshire

Sophie Bennetts


On returning to the UK and attending a Parelli demo, I bought the study packs and equipment. The journey had started, but I was soon to realise that this however was just the beginning! In 2008 I received one of Jaime Jackson's books for Christmas and that sparked my interest into barefoot hoofcare. Soon after that took I went out to Switzerland for a year with my horses to be a working student with a Parelli Professional. My horses were already barefoot but I noticed that their hoof health improved within a few months of being out in Switzerland. It was the farrier at the yard who inspired me to finally sit down and read that JJ book thoroughly!

Around about that time I also acquired another mare back in the UK who was shod. She was to be quite a project but, as I was still in Switzerland, I decided to have her shoes removed. However I knew that I wanted a barefoot specialist to deal with her feet and after a quick google search I found Lindsay from HM. Lindsay also had the same ideas on horse handling as me and I knew she would be able to take care of my mare's feet whilst making it a positive experience for her. My mum was chief liaison officer between Lindsay & myself and I was sent regular updates on the improvement in Plum's feet and was amazed at the results.

Back in Switzerland my horses feet had never looked better and I was learning more about how diet and management can affect the horse. In March 2010 I returned to the UK and was finally able to meet Lindsay face to face. By the end of the year I knew that NHC was something that I wanted to do professionally and so I started to spend every spare day travelling around with Lindsay. In 2012 I started with the AANHCP training program and am now a Practitioner with them. I am based down in Cornwall with a growing herd of horses who have been living on a track system since 2010. With a solid foundation using natural horsemanship, my herd do a range of activities including long distance riding, classical dressage, jumping and Western events, all completely barefoot! As well as Natural Hoof Care I have a keen interest in foundation training using natural horsemanship and horse/rider biomechanics.”

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