Becoming a Barefoot Trimmer is incredibly exciting and rewarding. Not only is Barefoot taking the world by storm with new clients coming to HM every week, but the thrill of helping horses in need is beyond compare.

Training using the Natural Trim method can be currently undertaken with the ISNHCP or Liberated Horsemanship - please contact us for more details. If you would then like to become a member of Hoofing Marvellous and work under our umbrella, we offer working contracts to do so also.

Training with both the ISNHCP and Liberated Horsemanship involves extensive cadaver trimming, home study, lectures, exams and mentorships. Currently Jaime Jackson (ISNHCP) is holding and running many of the clinics himself - a once in a lifetime opportunity to train with the worlds top Hoofcare Professional.

Liberated Horsemanship are currently offering Gateway clinics in Spain & the USA and the ISNHCP are offering training in Holland & the USA. There are plans to bring the training to the UK in the near future.

During your training it is most likely that you will do a fair bit of travelling throughout the UK or around the world, especially when you do your mentorships. This is a very exciting and essential part of the training and we encourage students to spend time with different Mentors in order to gain as much experience as possible.

Jaime Jackson

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