Making the decision to take the shoes off your horse and go barefoot we know is not a decision you take lightly. We help, advise and guide you every step of the way and are always on hand for every question that you have....and there will be a lot!

Unfortunately we don’t have a crystal ball and we never know how long it is going to take each horse to transition to total soundness. For the most part it is fairly smooth. Gone are the days when your newly barefoot horse had to go for months without being ridden. With the exception of possibly the first 4 weeks, we encourage owners to buy boots and to get on with their riding asap.

All horses that have been in shoes without exception find stoney and uneven surfaces a challenge once their shoes have been removed. Gradually though, once the 3 keys to success have been implemented, the hooves begin to change, relax, grow correctly, become healthier and then become sounder on varied terrains.

Visits will need to be scheduled every 4 weeks for the first few trim cycles so that we can monitor the progress of your horse.

Flat, thin soles, contracted and poorly developed frogs, thrush in the white line, collateral grooves and frogs are all common for horses who are in shoes. You need to take into account that the shoes have become crutches and therefore it takes time for the horse to quite literally find his feet again!

Very contracted front foot before shoe removal

Straight after the shoe has been removed, note the thrush and contracted frog

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