Regular trimming is just one of the 3 keys to successful Natural and management are the other 2. Without following all 3 keys to Natural Hoofcare, your chances of having a great barefoot horse, a successful transition and recovery from terrible hoof pathologies are all reduced.

Your Natural Hoofcare Practitioner will need to visit you every 4-6 weeks, with the schedule determined by us. It is a false economy to go longer than 6 weeks and this is only agreed upon in exceptional circumstances.....basically horses that are doing so well that they are now practically self trimming.

All Natural Hoofcare Practitioners have the image of the wild hoof in their minds. Our aim is to help the horse grow the hoof that Mother Nature intended that horse to have....not the hoof that the human ‘thinks’ the horse should have. There is much confusion about what constitutes a healthy hoof and it is a sad fact that on our travels as NH Practitioners we rarely meet one! Research has shown how shoes can put more stress on a horse’s heart and circulatory system, not to mention it’s tendons, muscles and joints and that inevitably overt time, shoes will contract all hooves.

Before Natural Hoofcare

Less than 6 months later

Barefoot trimming IS different to a ‘pasture’ or ‘shoeless’ trim. Preparing a hoof for a shoe and then just not putting a shoe on is not helping your horse become successfully barefoot and sound. If you want to know how damaging modern domestic horse keeping practices are....simply take the shoes off and walk your horse! Are they now completely sound over all surfaces? NH Practitioners follow specific guidelines, such as trimming away what would be worn away naturally and leaving that which should be there naturally. However, it doesn’t matter how great the trimming, if the other 2 key elements, diet & management are not implemented then success will be limited.


Every 4-6 weeks

1 year after

Before Natural Hoofcare

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