The Wild Hoof

Good concavity

Short toe

Thick calloused sole

Strong functional frog

Short strong bars

External Features

Healthy Wall P3 (coffin/pedal bone)


Thick wall

Thick sole



Internal Features

The Wild Hoof is not just a model that we keep indelibly imprinted on our minds, it’s a stark reminder of how badly wrong we are getting general equine care in the domestic world. It is not acceptable to say comments such as ‘well my horse is a domestic horse not a wild horse!’.....they are both Equus Cabullus and if the wild horses can remain healthy with healthy hooves then why can’t our domestic horses? Horse were not born with shoes and neither do they need them if they are kept naturally. At HM we encourage as many owners as possible to make the lives of their domestic horses as natural as really can be achieved! Hundreds and thousands of owners around the world are turning to more natural horse keeping, with their horses reaping the benefit every single don’t be afraid, jump on board!!

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